We are a visual art/records collective on a quest for a Pesolife’a way of living that values substantive/artistic endeavours over the accumulation of capital and materialistic riches.The Pesolife Art Collective is committed to creating substantive audio/visual projects. Our endeavours are guided by our solidarity in taking up creative journeys and maverick processes.

We have been commissioned by various groups and organisations such as Ableton, Birmingham City University and Brent 2020. Additionally our creative works have seen us create recorded songs, beat tapes & music videos. As well as publish books & zines, host exhibitions and live/digital events & workshops.


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‘Everyday Things’ is a project that visualises the experiences of Black millennials living in White City in West London. The project combines two main methodologies. The first is an archival focused work, aimed at recovering the estate’s former imperial and colonial site, particularly the Great White City Exhibition (1908) but also more recent histories of the estate. The second is a form of collaborative photographic research undertaken with Black millennials (aged 23 to 32) currently living in White City. Depictions of Black millennial lives are rarely seen in British academic research. Inspired by the work of ‘everyday’ urban essays created by photographers in post-war America and the examinations of British landscapes by Black British photographers, my practice-related research facilitates site-specific dialogues, focused on contemporary and archival visualisations of the site and Black millennial experiences.

Geography (practice-related) PhD, produced in collaboration with Crizzy, Slim, Rmular, Wavy & Rell in White City, Shepherds Bush West London.

Nathaniel Télémaque is a North West London born & raised visual artist, writer & researcher who photographs and writes about ‘everyday things’ in various urban settings. Bearing witness to mad cities and maverick livelihoods inspires his visual and written practices. His lenses focus on the experiences of Black millennials, creative peers, and notions of urban change in cities. 

He is currently engaged in a Geography (practice-related) PhD at University College London (UCL).

As a founding member of the Pesolife Art Collective, he also produces and curates different projects with Pesolife members Secaina Hudson & Kalina Blaize - both are multi-talented singers, songwriters and music producers. Frequently collaborating on distinct projects together, the Pesolife Art Collective is committed to substantively engaging with our audio/visual practices whilst working with different educational institutions, companies, community groups, and innovative peers.

Please contact:hi@pesolife.com for Photography/Research related enquiries.
[Photograph by Eichiro Aoki.]

A montage homage to the roses that grow from the concrete. These humble roses have be photographed on 35mm and 120mm films outside my home on the St.Raphael’s Estate, as well as outside of the the homes of my west London peers on the White City Estate.These roses have seen myself and peers grow up, they’ve quietly watched over us. Shot between 2018 and 2021, they have seen me walk by with a camera or notebook in hand. Come rain, snow, sunshine, hail or fall, they’ve persevered to watch over their humble blocks. They remind me, that there is always hope for a new a day.


Made on expired Kodak Gold 35mm film, in 2018.
This series quietly extends visualisations of a journey from my desk on the St.Raphael’s Estate to quiet backroads in Harlesden. Representing a photographic practise session in rendering the “site-specific”, it visually recounts my own personal reflections on home, homage and this unrelenting age.

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