Nathaniel Télémaque is a North West London born & raised visual artist, writer & researcher who photographs and writes about ‘everyday things’ in various urban settings. Bearing witness to mad cities and maverick livelihoods inspires his visual and written practices. His lenses focus on the experiences of young Black adults, creative peers, and notions of urban change in cities. 

He recently completed a Geography (practice-related) PhD at University College London and is now a Lecturer in Geography and Social Justice at King’s College London University. 

As a member of the Pesolife Art Collective, he also produces and curates various projects with Pesolife collaborators Secaina Hudson & Kalina Blaize - who are both multi-talented singers, songwriters and music producers. Frequently collaborating on distinct projects together, the Pesolife Art Collective is committed to substantively engaging with it’s audio/visual practices alongside collaborations with educational institutions, companies, community groups, and creative peers.

Please contact:hi@pesolife.com for Photography/Research related enquiries.

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