EVERYDAY THINGS WHITE CITY GENERATIONS 88-97 (2023) - A photobook deriving from a collaborative body of creative work drawn out from a Geography (practice-related) photographic research project. This photobook explores the history of the White City locale and engages with the reflections and perceptions of young Black adults living there today.Visualisations featured in this photobook are shared on the ‘EVERYDAY THINGS’GENERATIONS 88-97 VER.1.5 gallery page.

By St.Peso, Crizzy, Slim, Rell, Wavy and Rmular.

A PESOLIFE II RE:TRAPPING OUT THE GALLERY (2022) - A unique photo-book featuring site-specific visual explorations of mad cities and maverick livelihoods. Made up of three textual essays and three parallel visual essays (photographed in London, New York, and Tokyo) it repurposes the notorious notion of “trapping.” This book affirms “trapping” as an everyday practice and ardent work ethic, in which we all strive to live through the hustle and bustle of our day-to-days and pursue our goals and dreams.

By Nathaniel Télémaque (Availble on the PESO BODEGA STORE).

LDN x TKYO (2018) - A limited visual arts zine based collaboration between London and Tokyo based Photographers Nathaniel Telemaque & Jun Isaka.The zine is a physical curation of Nathaniel & Jun’s reflexive urban city based explorations. A limited release took place in Harajuku Tokyo. A subsequent LDN X TKYO 1.5 edition was relased in 2019.

By Nathaniel Télémaque & Jun Isaka.

A PESOLIFE (2016) - A collection of written prose,poetry and photography documenting the life lessons and philosophical values of a few humble creative individuals.Written over a five-year time period,and shot in  5 international cities With only 100 left copies in existence,the book is a limited edition self-published ‘Pesolife’ publication.

By Nathaniel Télémaque.

AUTHORS OF THE ESTATE (2014) - A collaborative book Project exploring council estate based livelihoods. Demystifying stereotypes, labels and sensationalist rhetoric,five different ‘millennial’ auto-biographical accounts demonstrate the authority todays youth have over their respective locales,as well as their right to the city.The book went on to be funded by Starbucks and was posted to all 1000 households on the St Raphael’s Estate.

By Andre Anderson, Nathaniel Télémaque, Jade Snyper, Kayden Bell and Predz.

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