LDN x TKYO is a reflexive visual arts collaboration between London and Tokyo based Photographers Nathaniel Telemaque & Jun Isaka, which intially took place in 2019. The zine was printed in Japan as part of exhibition hosted by the DesignFesta Gallery, not to far from Tokyo’s well known Harajuku street. Photographed by Jun Isaka + Nathaniel Telemaque it innovatively explored the cities of LDN x TKYO through a curated exchange of humble photographs.In exchanging each other's unique photographs, these visual artists captured the serene and distinctive depictions of their respective cities.In homage to the revitalised medium that is analogue film photography, all of the photographs have been captured on 35mm film.

Fast forward two years - “LDN x TKYO 1.5” is a London based reprinting of this zine, which was previously available in Japan alone. Featuring additional London based photographs, it is also accompanied by a parallel beat tape produced and recorded by Pesolife Art Collective member Mars Meddo. Utilising her mastery AV Kid skills in music production, Mars Meddo’s LDN x TKYO beat tape represents a sonic conceptual response to the zine itself as well as the cultures and and soundscapes situated within the two cities. A limited release of 20 copies are availble for purchase via the @Pesobodega studio.

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