- Public Portfolio Viewing,09/03/2018.The Photographers Gallery.Soho,London.

- “A Pesolife” Photo-Book Launch,02/05/2018.The Ritzy. Brixton,London.

- The Black Current Jam Group Exhibition,19/05/2018.The Canvas Cafe.Shoreditch,London.

- “Bodega27” Solo Photography Exhibition,14/09/2018 -
17/09/2018.Design Festa Gallery.Harajuku-Tokyo,Japan.

- LDN X TKYO Duo Photography Exhibition,26/05/2019 to 01/06/2019.Design Festa Gallery.Harajuku-Tokyo,Japan.

-  Pesolife Bodega Installation++,05/11/2021 - 07/11/2021. Metroland Studios.Kilburn,London.

- Everyday Things in White City, Archives Show and Tell Exhibition,08/10/2022.Hammermsith and Fulham Local Studies and Archived Centre. Hammersmith,London.

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